A follow up to “Live Hope”


Perhaps you took the time last month to read the Discover Hope Reflection Article, “Live Hope,” by our minister of spiritual care, LuAnn Roberson. If not, you can access the article HERE.

The idea that we find hope by going through despair, rather than trying to avoid or use optimism to cope, was intriguing to Michael Ellison, founder and President of TriVita. He invited LuAnn to join him on his podcast, “Healthy You.”

We invite you to listen in as they discuss Hope, CLICK HERE. We think you’ll find it meaningful, especially on the journey through Holy Week, following Jesus on the way into Gethsemane, to the cross and the glorious resurrection.

May each of us deepen our love of Jesus as He accompanies us through moments of despair and into the discovery of HOPE!


In the midst of difficult times, we may feel a sense of hopelessness. Crying out to God in sorrow or disappointment is lament; many of the Psalms of David are honest laments, full of emotion. Honesty with God is a crucial part of deepening our relational intimacy. We often see David calling to mind, even in the midst of danger or depression, what he knows to be true of God that extends beyond the circumstance. It seems to bring him peace and hope.

  • Are you in a place where your hope seems dim? Spend time with God; take time to open up honestly. You might read a few of David’s Psalms:42,43,46. David reminds his soul to hope in God in the midst of trying circumstances. What are your circumstances? How can you remind your soul to hope in God?
  • Remember some of our brothers and sisters in Christ who suffered intensely, yet held fast to hope. Often it was a scripture or the encouraging words of a comrade that reminded them of where their hope lay. People like Corrie and Betsy Ten Boom, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, or Amy Carmichael.
  • Look up the lyrics to an old hymn that paints a picture of the hope we have in the midst of struggles in life. Read slowly and savor the words. Try these: Be Still My Soul, Great is Thy Faithfulness, The Solid Rock, Be Thou My Vision.

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