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A Simple Pause ministry started out of a desire to create space for ourselves and others to experience a few minutes with God each day. Caring for our souls often happens in times alone in quiet and stillness, or one on one with a spiritual director or companion, or in a group with others who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God. We serve others in those three ways: through the app A Simple Pause, in one-to-one interactions of soul care, and through events/retreats we offer in collaboration with other ministries. LuAnn Roberson, the founder of A Simple Pause, is passionate about accompanying others on that deepening journey.

The Simple Pause logo encircles a musical notation- a “Rest”. Rests give music meaning. They give it space to breathe; to land in our ears and our souls. Without rests, the music is jumbled, chaotic, frenetic and meaningless. The same could be said of our lives- rests help us regain perspective and clarity, they invite us to continue living out the day connected to the God who is writing His story in our story, day by day.

Inspired by Playing the Rest by Lisa Smith

Our Founder

Tending to the care of bodies and souls is nothing new to LuAnn Roberson.

Trained as a Spiritual Director, she accompanies a variety of leaders and learners who desire to explore, deepen, and experience healing in their relationship with God. In a biblical, reflective and Trinitarian model of sacred listening, she creates a confidential, safe and welcoming space for spiritual conversations to take place.

Her compassionate heart, and extensive training and practice in one-to-one trauma/critical care and cancer nursing, have equipped her to be with others as they face life-altering moments, offering hope, dignity and companionship.

The key word for LuAnn is WITH. She is known as the “With Woman.”

Those acquainted with life in Appalachia long ago understand that the local midwife was known as the “with woman,” a skilled and caring woman who helped bring new life into the world.

By attending to the spirit of those she companions (like a spiritual midwife), she offers a compassionate and gentle presence, resulting in a trusting relationship that encourages prayer and celebration as new spiritual awareness is “birthed.”

LuAnn received training in Spiritual Direction through the Selah program from Leadership Transformations, Inc, her nursing degree from Arizona State University, and multiple specialty certifications through the American Association of Christian Counselors- Light University and Nat’l Consortium of Breast Care.

She is a member of the Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona, ESDA-Evangelical Spiritual Director Association, Arizona Nurse Honor Guard and supports the Arizona Trauma- Informed Faith Community.

LuAnn is a Flagstaff native, now living in Scottsdale with her husband, Mike. They have two daughters, three delightful grandchildren, and three formerly homeless dogs. She enjoys coffee with a friend, exploring epitaphs in old cemeteries, and singing harmonies.

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