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Giving You Moments to Simply be with God

The App

A Simple Pause

Our app provides six different ways to be in communion with God throughout the week.

Who's The App For?


Anyone looking to pause a moment for a simple prayer practice, will benefit from this app.

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It's Free

Not only is there no charge, but our app is ad-free, ensuring a peaceful five minutes with God every day.

More About the App

Our app is based off the traditional monastic practice of scripture reading, meditation, and prayer. It’s been practiced by some of the earliest church fathers, reformers, puritans, and modern-day Christ-followers of all streams, Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox alike.

An Addition, Not a Replacement

These ancient practices of prayer are not an exegetical or theological analysis of scripture, and are not meant to replace your devotional or bible study. Rather, A Simple Pause app should be a supplement to your daily rhythm. Think of it as a refreshing sip of time with Jesus in the midst of an ordinary day. We trust it will make your relationship with God richer.

A Simple Pause App comes with six options:

  • Lectio Divina

    Listen for God’s message as you hear a small portion of scripture with room to ponder.

  • Imagine

    Enter prayerfully into a scene from the scriptures to broaden your experience and relationship with God.

  • Visio Divina

    Enjoy your gift of sight and invite God to speak to your heart as you gaze at an image.

  • Simply Scripture

    Restfully listen to the gentle reading of selections of scripture.

  • Audio Divina

    Sacred listening with God using your gift of hearing. Includes music and other beautiful sounds.

  • Simple Silence

    Close your eyes and rest in silence with God for five minutes. We’ll keep track of the time.

Spanish Version coming 2023

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